These were quick 2 minute poses. I use gouache and a sable round. This is on a 11" x 14" sheet of Strathmore acid free paper. I take a lot of pads so I can go from one to the next and the paint is dry by the time I come back to the original pad.

There are so many subjects for me but yes, it's mostly the figure. So I have to say I've been stuck for awhile. I do think teaching has interfered with needed growth but it is what it is. I have needed to help more with the income with a loved one ill and insurance not covering many of the doctors. And why don't these doctors accept the Affordable Care Act Insurance. I hope for improvements. We were forced into our plan. But in the meantime and on a brighter note I have found solutions! I do a lot of work in gouache. AND my husband, Ray Roberts, and I have renewed our attendance to the Open Studio Sessions! We feel like we have a new lease on life. Painting the figure from life, there's nothing like it for us. Just free. A few examples follow.

What fun poses! 8" x 10" Gouache

Played with color on this one. This was a 20 minute pose. The page is 11" x 14" so not big.

Lawn Bowlers 9" x 12" Gouache

Drawing a lot from life, I can't say enough great things about it. The lawn bowling club in Laguna Beach is great. They actually stand still for a minute or two. And they generally come back to these stances as they go back and forth.

There are times when I am not crazy about the pose the group has chosen so I paint the other artists. Really fun.

Yard Tool 8" x 10" Gouache

And when there's not a figure to paint I find something at the house or on the road. Couldn't resist the beautiful day outside it was and I love my yard tools.

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May 10, 2016 at 2:14 PM

Love them all. Really like the wheelbarrow and rake painting.


May 17, 2016 at 4:33 AM

Teaching is a gift that not every artist posses and I appreciate all that I have learned from your art, videos and blog posts. Thank you!


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