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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I am so excited that summer is almost here and that means planting season is right around the corner! My sweet peas are showing blooms! The strawberries are growing plump and taking over the garden! I love it. I will see bees at the birdbath. I will plant a few more trees. I'd love to have an olive orchard.  (Orchard or Grove?) And some goats and, and, and some cows and, and, and some ducks and, and, and some ...

Just not enough hours to the day.

This work was painted from life in my last year's flower garden. This will be in the Roger's Garden Showdown in Corona del Mar, CA.  This show will host 5 women and a body of work in a beautiful home and garden setting.  I hope you can come by.  The dates are: May 10 - July 13, 2014

Roger's Gardens

2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd.

Corona del Mar, CA 92625

(949) 721-2100 ext. 379

Peggi Kroll Roberts, oil painting of flowers in the garden


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