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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Peggi Kroll Roberts oil painting Still Life with flowers, fruit, a vase and a kettle

I am talking about how we are inundated with prints. I mean Giclee on paper, giclee on canvas. Mechanically produced "art". Will it hold its value? Is this a concern to you? There is plenty of God-awful "original" work running the streets. I admit, I'd rather have a poster of a Sargent, Bellows, Park, Sorolla, Matisse, Van Gogh, Klimt, Nolde, Hartley, Mondrian, Modigliani, Porter, Morandi, Mitchell, Pollack, Albers, Picasso, Hopper, Kent, Soyer, Diebenkorn, Homer, get the idea than "an original piece of shit".

You can acquire posters of master works for a relatively small price, $20 to $30. What I'm griping about are sites like One Kings Lane that offer giclees listed as "art" when actually they are overpriced mechanically produced prints. INK ON PAPER. Prices like $2000, $1400, $675! If the frame is going to cost more than the work then at least search out an artist and buy an original work! I've had a big company make prints of my cosmetic works, but come on. When mass-produced and depending on size they shouldn't cost more $5 to $100.

And I get it. You may have champagne taste on a beer budget. I know I do. But I look, I research, I have worked to seek out artists I admire and I have been able to acquire some original pieces that I love and believe they will hold their value for under $100. You say "But I have a big space to fill." Try a salon-style hanging of small works. It can make as big of an impact as one larger work.

And I want to add a self promotion plug. Visit my Etsy shop por favor. I am much more than how the galleries have "cornered" me. I can't stay in one place and not grow! I list all my hard won from the heart work there. I may not be known for some of the "isms" I explore but it's every bit as important to me as any work that I've placed with a gallery. And it's only original one of a kind work.

Previous Comments

I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK. Wonky, wonderful woman!!

Great colors, and I love the composition-- always a weak spot for me, especially in still lifes. Since I am on The East Coast and unable to take an irl workshop with, I look forward to taking an online one soon. (Missed out on the shapes of the head one!)



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