"Brandon" Life Size

I do not profess to be a portrait painter and I would rather bag groceries than try and make that a career. I admire painters that do! Bettina Steinke was one of the best. I don't do well with commissions either. I have done a few and it ends up traveling a different path in my brain and is so frustrating that it's better that I just don't go there. Here is a second effort in the New Year to trying to improve my "head painting skills". I love to do this for fun and growth.

This is Brandon. He has helped us with our DVDs. Helps us with our IT problems. And is a wonderful young man with a bright future!  He attended the San Francisco Institute of the Arts and received a degree in Film. It sort of looks like him but I also feel it borders on "caricature" which I hate! I need to tone down the aggressive modeling, improve my drawing skills (his head seems a little long) but for about an hour it's a start.

I also am placing a few new gouache paintings in my Etsy shop.

These are all painted from life. So important to put the mileage in there.

"Monte San Savino" Gouache 5" x 7" SOLD

"Arrangement with Olive Oil" Gouache 5" x 7" SOLD

"Pienza Plaza" Gouache 4" x 5" SOLD

"Eleonora's Driveway" Gouache 4" x 5" SOLD

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January 7, 2014 at 11:53 AM You're too hard on yourself Peggi - I think your Brandon head is GREAT!!!!!!


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