"Beach Family" 6" x 6 1/2" Oil on Panel $225. SOLD

I will be 60 in September. I am desperate to get things simplified, decluttered and just try and get a "smoother running machine". I have gone through stacks and stacks and stacks of demo boards. They have accumulated on my shelves over the years. Ray has cut them apart for me and it has taken me 4 full days so far to barely make a dent in touching them up and signing them. I think they make great small works and I am offering them here at sketch prices. They are odd sizes so custom framing will be a must. One of my favorite framers is Colorado Framesmith. I usually ask for their Spanish Gold Finish.  

"Facing Away" 11" x 6" Oil on Panel $300. SOLD
"Beach Slumber" 6" x 7 1/2" Oil on Panel. SOLD
"Purple Towel" 61/2" x 5 1/2" Oil in Panel $225. SOLD
"Guy and Umbrella" 4 1/2" x 4" Oil on Panel $75. SOLD
"Seated Figure" 16" x 6" Oil on Panel $375. SOLD
"Afternoon Shade" 7 1/2" x 11" Oil on Panel $350. SOLD
"Reclining Figure Model" 5 1/2" x 9" Oil on Panel $275. SOLD
"Figure with White Towel" 7" x 5" Oil on Panel $225. SOLD
"Simplified Figures" 9" x 9" Oil on Panel $375. SOLD
"Bathing Suit Model" 4 1/2" x 9" Oil on Panel $225. SOLD


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