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Peggi Kroll Roberts, gouache of figures on the beach - children playing in the water

But working through it! You've got to! I can't tell how long it will take to get the groove back but it's important to NOT make the efforts seem insurmountable. For now, I've been doing smaller gouache works. I picked up some more clay. I use Low Fire White Earthenware. So I have been working 3D with great satisfaction. I have been taking a little time to go back to reading about other artists, contemporary and historical, to glean any inspiration I can whether working processes or whatever!

You can always find some great clips on Facebook. I read a short article on Alex Katz. Watched a YouTube on Ingres. Read another one on Frank Auerbach. I was wondering, "have I looked at too much art that has caused this block that I have to work through daily waiting." Nothing to do but put one foot in front of the other and go do another load of laundry! Some samples below.  

Peggi Kroll Roberts, nude figure black and white drawing

Previous Comments

Peggy, you know every time I look at a lot of others artists work, I become blocked. I usually like their work so much that I doubt my own I think, or, I wonder if I should change the way I paint, not good to think that, I can only be myself - full stop. So, I just choose a subject and start painting like moi. Not saying that is your issue, that just happens to me - everytime.

Peggy love seeing you and Ray this evening, you can find me @

I thing boredom has great advantages. Putting things aside until you burst with a desire to work can be satisfying. Of course, that's me, and it seldom happens.

I've taken several mixed media workshops in the past few years. One was paper collage and now I can't throw away scraps of paper (pack rat tendencies) ;-{ Very freeing and exciting!



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