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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Random", 8in x 10in, Acrylic
"Random", 8in x 10in, Acrylic

NO! I "have an inquiring mind and I want to know". LOL!

I feel like I am all over the place and can't help myself. What gives? But I refuse to not speak my mind. So, how does one find some continuity with your artwork. When I was at Art Center, I brought a self portrait in and the instructor loved it and said, "do about 10 of these". Then a curator of a well known museum saw my "dot" paintings, thought they were great and said, "do about 10 of these". Is that a magic number for a body of work? Is it the kiss of death to explore outside what an artist is known for? Notice, I did not post one "beach" painting--what I am mainly known for it seems. Little by little I am exposing myself through teaching. I display that I can draw, I understand how to paint form, I understand color theory and I admit that I don't have a strong aptitude (my word for talent) for design. That, I work on constantly.

But back to my point. I am much more than my beach paintings and I want to make a living with work other than that. So far so good but could be better. It was the same thing when I was an illustrator. You had to have a "marketable style". But I find that galleries really want work an artist is known for. And what do you do if the next body is completely different from what one was producing during mid-career? Just thinking out loud.

Ceramic vase, by Peggi Kroll Roberts
Oh, did I mention I work in ceramics too?

Peggi Kroll Roberts ceramic holders with fashion figures
My ceramic holders with my fashion figures

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Dishes" Oil 16in x 20in
"Dishes" Oil 16" x 20", A large still life in oil painted from life on a sweltering day in our backyard.

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Al", Oil 9" x 12" (Al Tofanelli)
"Al", Oil 9" x 12", We'll sit for each other and do 20 minute portraits. So fun!

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Spinning" Oil 8" x 10"
"Spinning" Oil 8" x 10", How about this for a departure.

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Fashion" 8" x 10"
"Fashion" 8" x 10", I love to get comfortable and draw from a Vogue or other sources.

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Turquoise Vase" 11" x 14"
"Turquoise Vase" 11" x 14", I thought I'd try acrylics. Love them and playing with composition.

 Peggi Kroll Roberts, 8" x 10" Gouache figures
8" x 10" Gouache, I've worked in gouache forever. This was playing around.

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Black and White" 8" x 6" Gouache
"Black and White" 8" x 6" Gouache

Peggi Kroll Roberts, Acrylic 9" x 12", Just leaving it as a drawing!
Acrylic 9" x 12", Just leaving it as a drawing!

Peggi Kroll Roberts, Gouache 6" x 8", Back to my fashion roots.
Gouache 6" x 8", Back to my fashion roots.

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Of course I work in watercolor too!"
Of course I work in watercolor too!

Peggi Kroll Roberts, a looser gouache demo.
Looser gouache demo.

Peggi Kroll Roberts, Gouache 8" x 8", Painted on location in San Diego.
Gouache 8" x 8", Painted on location in San Diego.

Peggi Kroll Roberts, "Last but not least. Having fun with simple shapes, flat color."
Last but not least. Having fun with simple shapes, flat color.

Previous Comments

I don't know the answer but you could paint a lump of coal and I would still purchase it and add it to my collection. For me it is not what you paint it is that you painted it. I can spot a Peggi painting in a nano second.

I am so glad you posted this. I'm wrestling with this as well. I've always felt that the minute an artist becomes "known" for a certain subject and/or medium, it's time to change it up. (I enjoyed reading that both Matisse and Diebenkorn subscribed to that idea) Of course that doesn't come without pitfalls, emotionally and financially. Self doubt and lack of sales can be a killer.

Here's one my favorite artist statements. (my art professor in college 1972): “The doing of these paintings represent many pleasurable hours. If my work has a purpose, it is the eternal one of trying to maintain a positive attitude in a seemingly indifferent world. The excitement is in the trying to get ever closer; to capture the magic of that moment in time. The incentive comes from the illusion of improvement; that the next experience will meet the goal. The rewards are too numerous to mention, but financial and honorary and not on the list.” William Blakesly

I spent a lovely, blustery afternoon with my smart TV looking at your demos and just popped over to see your site.

I've also done some departing from my usual "style" this summer and it feels good. Like getting unstuck.

One thing that has held me back and which I'm still overcoming, is thinking that I can't paint something in a certain way because it may resembles someone else's work. But, I can't let that stand in the way. I know it will be my own take on what influences me and what I've learned.

Variety is exciting and as artists, we need it to stay interested in creating. Loved looking at the variety of work you've posted here.



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